Feb 26, 2019

Hot melt hoses for robot applications and mounting clamps.

UES AG has expanded its product range to include future-proof hotmelt hoses for robot applications.

Specially developed for use on industrial robots.
UES heating hoses for robotic applications can be used for various adhesive methods and processes. No matter which liquid medium you want to transport, our heating hoses can even handle highly viscous media.
These heated hoses are particularly flexible and can withstand the heavy load caused by the dynamic movements of the robot. This makes them the ideal choice when short and fast cycle times are required. In addition, our heated hoses are also suitable for use with drag chains.

Hose wrapped

We highly recommend the use of suitable hose mounting clamps from our range for clean installation and safe assembly. Proper installation of your high-quality, heated hotmelt hoses from UES keeps them in position, away from the floor or sharp-edged machine parts if required, thus ensuring a long service life.

The optimum fastening protects against torsion loads and damaging bending radii, which must be avoided at all costs!

Mounting clamp closed Mounting clamp open